Thursday 7th June Elettra in concert Lovers of Soul, pop, jazz and directed towards the street of the singer-songwriter, will propose during their live their first unpublished! . For booking 080 5580028

Friday 15th June Cosa Resterà in concert. A repertoire of over 150 Italian successes. Line up: Walter Lopiano - Vocal, Alessio Roma - Guitar, Giorgio Tiecco - Bass Guitar, Fabio Bellomo - Keyboard, Valerio Acella - Drum. For Booking 080 558 00 28

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Nordwind is an American Bar, Pub, Pizzeria, LIVE VENUE and DISCO. It has two large rooms, air conditioning and a smoking area. Its calendar is varied, they alternate between new band', cover bands and international artists dancing night & Karaoke . You can book your party for every occasion. If you are a soccer lover they also project football matches on maxi screen. For booking 080 558 00 28 - or - +39 - 3293623067
For all BANDS AND PROMOTERS! For getting in contact with The Art Director call (Roxy)
+39 349 378 6580.
Friday_22nd_June_121.Gigawat-in_concert_for_booking_0805580028Friday 22nd June
1.21 Gigawatt
The best soundtracks of the '80s in concert
Line up:
Filippo Bottalico - Vocal
Annalisa Andriani - Vocal
Nicola de Cesare - Guitar
Tullio Ciriello - Bass Guitar
Gese Marsico - Drum
Daniele Domanico - Keyboard and Vocal. Ticket 3.50. For bookings 080 558 00 28 !